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MyGuitarDojo is YourGuitarDojo !

  • MyGuitarDojo
    120 W. 2nd Street, Studio R
    Port Clinton, Ohio 43452
  • Temporarily Closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Studio is located in downtown Port Clinton, Ohio, near the Post Office, Coffee Express, Lilly and Gert’s and Frederick Insurance.
  • Call or txt Jerry Baum, 419-202-0488.
  • Private guitar lessons for beginners and intermediate players. Students are carefully and patiently walked through the learning process. No previous knowledge is required or expected.
  • Lessons & Fees: Private Guitar Lessons available by appointment . $17 per 30 minute lesson.
  • Gift Certificates are available in any amount (recommended 4 lessons x $17 per lesson = $68), custom printed with names & amount.
  • Group Practice Workshops are available on occasion, FREE for students to attend, providing a fun activity that helps students grow as guitarists.
  • Website: [ you are here ].
  • Facebook: [ ]

What You Will Need

Students need five things to begin taking lessons:

  • A GUITAR that can be played and tuned, and that “fits” the student in size. If you already have a guitar that you would like to use, I can inspect it to make sure it is sufficient. If you don’t have a guitar, I can help you select an affordable starter guitar that you will enjoy. New, brand name, starter guitars begin at about $150. I work closely with my friends at Musician’s Alley, downtown Sandusky. They offer a great selection of starter guitars, have a fantastic layaway plan, and have always taken very good care of my students. You can use an acoustic or electric guitar.
  • An ELECTRONIC GUITAR TUNER. If you don’t have a tuner, I can help u select one that will cost about $20. Some guitars have a built-in tuner.
  • A BOOK (if you need it) that will help you quickly learn how to read Guitar Tablature (TAB) and have a basic understanding of music notes, time signatures, and other fundamentals. I will help you obtain the book I currently teach from, available for about $8.
  • A THREE-RING BINDER with pockets.

Waiting List

  • I am presently accepting new students, but availability on my schedule is limited. If you are interested in joining my schedule, please call or text today, Jerry Baum, 419-202-0488.
  • Once my schedule is full, new students will be welcome to join my Waiting List. Students on my Waiting List have the first option to schedule lessons when time-slots become available.

Attendance Policy

  • Students are responsible for attending and paying for all scheduled time.
  • A 24-hour advance notice of your absence is required to credit your payment.
  • Skipped lessons or short-notice cancellations must be paid for.
  • Credits will be applied to the following month when cancellations have been made with required advance notice. Your due date remains the same (see Fees above).
  • No refunds will be made.

Cancellations by the Instructor

  • There may be times when I cancel scheduled lessons or close the studio, for example: due to bad weather conditions, illness, etc.
  • Payments made will be credited to the following month. Your due date remains the same (see Fees above).
  • No refunds will be made.


  • When a scheduled lesson will be missed, you can try to reschedule a makeup lesson for a time or date that is different than your regular meeting time. In most cases, this can be done at no additional cost, provided you give the required 24 hour advance notice.
  • Rescheduling is subject to availability on my schedule, and can’t always be accomplished. However, every reasonable effort to reschedule will be made when a student wants to do so.

About Me, Jerry Baum

  • I began playing guitar at the age of 9, and received 5 years of private instruction.
  • At the age of 11, performing bands frequently took me up on stage to perform at local night clubs and service clubs.
  • At the age of 14, I formed my own first working band and I still perform live music to this day.
  • I began teaching guitar in 2008 at The Guitar Ranch In Findlay, Ohio. In 2009, I started teaching at a music store in Port Clinton, Ohio. In 2010, I opened a private studio in Port Clinton called MyGuiatrDojo, offering students a fast track guitar playing learning method.
  • I hold three degrees: BST in Visual Communication, BSBA in Marketing, AAB in Business Management Technology – all from BGSU.

Play Guitar !

  • Let’s get started ! Call or txt me right now ! Jerry Baum, 419-202-0488.
  • Temporarily Closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.